27 Puzzling Questions about Christianity

Ask these questions to a Christian and start some fun discussions.  But make it clear that the Christian is not allowed to answer the questions with any of the following cop-outs:
  • God works in mysterious ways
  • We cannot possibly understand God
  • Suffering is necessary for free will
  • You need more faith/Pray about it
  • You're taking it out of context
  • That's just your interpretation (without providing a satisfying interpretation themselves)
  • The Bible is true because it says it's true (or any other circular reasoning)
  • God has a plan, we just don't know what it is

27 Puzzling Questions about Christianity

  1. Is Satan omniscient and all-powerful? If not, why doesn't God just get rid of him?
  2. If suffering on earth cannot be eliminated because we need to have free will, then is there free will in heaven?
  3. Where did God come from?
  4. Why did God create humans with a biological need to eat, but then not provide enough food for us (9 million people die each year of hunger)?  Doesn't that sound cruel?
  5. If humanity is God's purpose, then why did God create the rest of the cosmos (200 billion trillion other suns)?
  6. Do people in heaven remember their loved ones in hell? If so, does it make them sad?  If so, is there suffering in heaven?
  7. Didn't God create hell?  If he loved us, why would he want to torment us?
  8. Why would God use evolution (a process that entailed much death and suffering of living creatures) to create humans? If we are God's purpose of creation, then have we stopped evolving?
  9. If God is omniscient, didn't he know in advance that we would sin?
  10. If God has a plan, then why bother praying for what we want?
  11. Why does even one sin deserve burning for all eternity?
  12. Why can't God forgive us without a blood sacrifice?  
  13. Why did God like the "pleasing aroma" of burning animals?
  14. Did God sacrifice himself to save us from himself, since he made us, set up the system, and made the rules?
  15. If heaven is perfect and there is no sin, how did Satan "fall" if he was in the presence of God in heaven?
  16. Why would God help anyone on an exam or with a job when there are starving children, suffering people dying of horrible diseases, and deaths from natural disasters, etc, that he has not cared to help?
  17. If God wanted to kill us all and start over, why didn't he just snap his fingers instead of doing the whole Noah flood thing which took forever and required building a boat and rounding up millions of animals? (Which would never work anyway...)
  18. Why did God talk so much in Bible times but says nothing to us now? Why does he stay so hidden?
  19. Why is "belief" such an important part about salvation? Is each person's ability to believe without evidence a measure of how good a person they are?
  20. Why did God create mosquitos, parasites, horrible viruses, and why does the sun give us cancer?
  21. If you pray for something like a surgery to go well, then does that mean that God would not have cared about making sure the surgery went well if you hadn't asked for it?
  22. Why did God reveal himself to us through an ancient book that is full of errors, contradictions, and has been mistranslated and tampered with? Doesn't he want us to know about him?
  23. Why would God intervene in the past for his own gain and glory, but then literally just watch as Christian children are abused by priests? 
  24. Why is God so obsessed with faith? Why does he refuse to prove his existence in a solid way?
  25. If God made us knowing that we would sin, and then made the rules for hell and salvation, does that mean we are God's simulated entertainment? (Like SimCity?)
  26. Why did God only reveal himself to one tiny little ethnic group a super long time ago?  Is it because they invented him, or is God's scope really that small?
  27. Do we really have free will if God says, "Worship me or burn for all eternity?"


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